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Wedding Prices, Possibilities and Menu in Luhtre

The rent for the whole complex is 4000 €, including:

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast (from 9:00 till 12:00)
  • Service
  • Decorations
  • Flower arrangements from the flowers you receive

In addition to the package we kindly recommend:

  • Morning sauna with pool (from 9:00 till 12:00) 230 €
  • Dinner 42 € / person
    • Free for children under 5 years old
    • Please still provide the number of all eaters
  • Wedding cake 4,20 € / person
  • Horses with a white coach
  • Wedding Fathers Kuldar Koch (phone: +372 505 4563), Margo Hussar (phone: +372 5564 9220) or Aarne Rebban (phone: +372 515 0818, speaks Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish)
  • On-site registrars, bands, photographers

Prices do not include VAT 20%.

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Experience from 2005: twelve years and 105 weddings

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Luhtre Wedding Menu

Cold plate (4 salads of Your choice)

  • Potato salad
  • Fresh salad
  • Chicken salad
  • Russian salad
  • Fish salad

Meat plate

  • Ham rolls with cheese
  • Self-made pâté
  • Smoked sausage
  • Wild animal meat
  • Homemade ham
  • Filled eggs
  • Meat and fish in dough
  • Marinated and fresh pickles
  • Herring with cream
  • Bread and butter

Hot plate

  • Pork from the barn-dwelling oven
  • Potato
  • Dressing
  • Kartul
  • Kaste
  • Sauerkraut


  • Water, juice, tea and coffee
  • Strawberries or grapes on the champagne table
  • Alcoholic drinks by you
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Practical information

For weddings we ask for an advance payment of 40%, and we will also sign a contract. After you have made the prepayment, the Farm is reserved for you. The remaining amount must be paid 3 days before the wedding, when you bring the alcohol.

The checkout on the second day will be at 14:00 the latest, later departure will be 50€ / hour. Please notice that a late departure means that lunch will also be needed for your guests.

Please don’t hesitate to ask extra questions, no question is too much. In the meantime, lots of love for you and hope to see you soon!


Yours faithfully,
hostess Marje Schmidt


Feeling Interested? Get In Touch!

Marje Schmidt
+372 505 7043