Luhtre Farm is part of Estonian Culinary Route



We’re proud to present our membership in the Estonian Culinary Route. This is a project for promoting the foods of different regions of Estonia. Here’s a quote about the project from their website:

“Regardless of small territory it is possible to enjoy regional national dishes made of local products, which are only served in certain areas of Estonia.

Estonia comprises of 6 unique food regions – North Estonia, East Estonia, South Estonia with a region known as Mulgimaa, West Estonia and the islands region (Hiiumaa, Saaremaa and Muhumaa) and in addition two smaller food regions – Kihnu Island and the villages of old believers nearby Lake Peipsi.

Therefore, visiting different regions of Estonia, one can enjoy various special dishes. Every region has preserved its historically unique food culture and local dishes. On the islands of Saarema or Kihnu, in the region of Setomaa in the south-eastern part of Estonia or nearby Lake Peipsi one can enjoy dishes specific for these regions in the authentic cultural environment.”

See you in Luhtre!

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